3..2..1 Blast Off!

I'm gearing for the launch of our space unit this week. I've got so many fun things planned I can barely stand it. Here are a few of the things I've been preparing:
Each of my students will get their very own NASA Badge, complete with plastic protector and lanyard. They're going to poop themselves. :)
 They will each get a Space Exploration Journal and a letter from NASA to take home and share with their family. I've put both of these things into labeled, gallon sized, plastic bags. I'm going to pretend that NASA had them sent to our class because they need help learning new things about the galaxy. Budget cuts, ya know? :) Again, my kids are going to flip. (I hope!)
I'm so excited to read this book to my class! It's by Meghan McCarthy and it's all about how to become an astronaut. It's also got some good "life lessons" in it as well. Lord knows my class can use as many reminders as possible about being "team players" and "having a positive attitude".  So, it's perfect for us!

 This is a space shuttle I made out of an old copy paper box. My kids are going to take turns being the "pilot" on our journey through space. They will have to listen to the read aloud and "visualize". We've talked about this strategy a lot but I'm not quite sure how it will go. My original plan was to have one students sit up front with me and I won't show them the pictures during the read aloud. I thought afterwards I'd have them draw on chart paper whichever planet or space feature we are learning about. I'll update later on how this goes. :)
Alright, I'm off to work on my Space Literacy Centers for the remainder of this Bubba's nap time.

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