We are just finishing up our 4 week unit of habitats! Whew, it seemed like a lot of work but boy did we have fun! Our unit began with the rainforest and I found this adorable unit on TpT: Rainforest Habitat My kids were totally into it! Next up was the ocean and again, I went hunting on TpT. I came across Deanna Jump's Ocean Unit. Man alive, I just love her stuff. Our next two weeks we were going to explore the forest and the desert. I could not find anything for these two habitats. So, I got an idea...Why not make my own? And so began the endless nights of making my own worksheets and activities. I'm telling you, I AM HAVING A BLAST! This is why I got into teaching in the first place- to make things cute! I mean, I love children too, of course. :) Here are some of the things we did:
This is half of our hallway display (the rainforest and the ocean). The other half will be the forest and the desert.
The worksheets and activities from above can be found in my Forest Habitat Unit of TpT. I'm still working on the desert habitat unit but it should be up soon. I'm also working on 3 different space products. We have a HUGE unit on space coming up and I've got a ton of ideas! I'm really looking forward to teaching that and sharing with you! Stay tuned!

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