What have I started?!

Oh my, after being a serious "teacher blog" stalker, I was up one night (couldn't sleep) and started this little blog. That was a few weeks ago. It's taken me this long to figure out how to get a cute layout..I'm ALL about things being cute...and here I am. I have zero idea how to blog so I'm pretty happy no one knows about this yet. I figure I'll give it a shot!
This has been one of the most challenging years in my teaching career. It began in September when our curriculum, academic intervention procedures, standardized testing procedures, and final teacher evaluations were all BRAND new. On top of that, I found myself with a very challenging class. My group is mostly boys and within it I have some students who are really struggling academically and emotionally.  I also had an 8 month old son at home and was making the transition back to being a working mom after one of the most fun filled summers of my life! To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I'm sure many teachers can relate.
Teaching has always been my first love. I've wanted to teach first grade ever since I was a little girl. When I was hired a month before a graduated I was elated. My dreams were coming true. So I was devastated when I was driving home one afternoon, this past fall, and I just started crying. I began to realize I wasn't having fun anymore. I was negative, grumpy, and stressed. My family was feeling it, my friends commented on it, and most of all I could see the effects of my attitude on my classroom. After some real soul searching I decided I was going to buck up and suck it up. No more excuses, no more wallowing and woe-is-me about all the things that I can't change. I decided to find my passion for this profession again by learning to let go and stay positive. Oh, and I also found Pinterest. Ha! Seriously though, it got my creative juices flowing like they hadn't in a long while. I started to be inspired by other teachers and was trying new things in my classroom. Little by little, things got better. It's now April and I'm feeling better than ever. Teachers- is there any better feeling in the world than walking into your classroom before the kids arrive and realizing "I got this!"?
Well, that was more than I was expecting to share but I tend to be a little bit of an open book. I also have a pretty big mouth. Ha! Don't get me started on politics! Oh sheesh, I hereby SWEAR to never speak the "P" work again. :)

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