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I think I've made it pretty clear that I've got a somewhat challenging group this year. I'm always trying to find ways to promote positive attitudes, participation, and build self esteem. I've got quite a few "I can't", "I won't" or "This is too hard" kids. Quite frankly, I've had it! Grr...
One day, I was searching Elmo videos for Bubba, he is obsessed with Elmo, and I came across this video.
 Elmo and Will.I.am Wow, it's perfect.

I decided that after breakfast (my kids eat IN the classroom), I would put this on the smartboard and tell them they need to clean up and be ready on the run before it stops. It's been working like a dream. My kids LOVE it. We've memorized all the words and we're even thinking of adding movements to it. It's made some of my morning grouches change their attitudes. Here's a picture of my kiddos ready, on the rug, to start our day!

PS. I just uploaded my Sight Word Study Guides to my TpT store. To get a freebie sneak peak at what's included CLICK HERE. For all 33 guides visit my TpT store  HERE.

Thanks to all who are supporting my new little endeavor. I've been having a blast designing and planning because I know that others might benefit from my work. In turn, I'm the one who's benefited. I feel more inspired than ever. :) 
Even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this (I haven't really made it known that I even started this little blog), if you do happen across it, and would like to comment on how you keep the positive vibe flowing in your classroom, I could use the fresh ideas!

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  1. I'm reading all of your posts right now- if that helps...


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