Animal Researchers

We're done! Animal Picture Book Reports are done!! My kiddos have worked so hard. I'm so proud. Here's some of their fabulous work.
I found the idea for these adorable little animal researchers on pinterest. They're made with toilet paper rolls for binoculars! So stinkin' cute!
 Here's a close-up.
 These are the pages from one of my student's completed Animal Picture Book Report.
It is a long process, from start to finish, for some of my little ones. We begin with each child picking their animal. I have about 30 books to choose from so it becomes quite an event, deciding which animal they want to become experts on. We discuss all the features of a non-fiction book, AGAIN! :) We also talk about what it takes to be a good researcher. You have to be patient, observant, thirsty for knowledge, you need to stay on task...etc.   Then they take notes on a note recording sheet. I meet with a writing group every day and I help to facilitate this, but as you'll see in the rubric, I really do encourage them to do a lot independently. Even my non-readers did a nice job taking notes just from observing the pictures! Then they turn their notes into sentences on the graphic organizer. I help them do all of their editing and we also determine their "technical words" on the graphic organizer.  Finally, they create their final picture book report. I’ve never seen some of my kids work so hard! They are so proud of their final products and so am I! You can find all the graphic organizers, final copy pages, and the rubric in my Animal Picture Book Report unit in my TpT store. Please leave feedback! I'm always looking for ways to improve!

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  1. I love your animal unit! It super cute and makes the school look great!


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