Solar System Mobiles!

We are quickly approaching the end of our solar system unit and as a reward for all of my student's hard work, I devoted the entire morning on Friday to a craftivity. I just love that word. Whoever came up with it is genius. The kids had a lot of fun and I was pleased to find that they were able to keep themselves organized during this multi-step, um, CRAFTIVITY. :) Here are the pictures of our final products.

Don't they look so cute hanging in the hallway?! Hopefully no naughties will come racing down and tear them off. Heads will roll. My little ones are SO proud of their finished products and can't wait until they can take them home to hang them in their bedrooms!
You can find all the pieces, tracers, and directions in my TpT unit : Solar System Fact Mobiles

In other news, two weeks ago it was Teacher Appreciation week and I got the best surprise ever!! I have been gently reminding my building principal of my need for a new classroom rug, my last rug was a birthday gift from my parents in 2004! Well, I walked into my room on Tuesday to find this:
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't it to die for?! It's from Lakeshore and seats 30 students! I couldn't be happier. I teared up a little bit. Things like this don't happen often in a district with as tight a budget as ours so I am beyond thankful. I'm going to be able to instruct lots of little minds in style! I'm already trying to decide how I can rearrange my room next year to get the most use out of it. This thing is HUGE!


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