Questions for Teachers

This post will be short and sweet because I've got a ton to do this evening but I just had a couple questions for my um, FOUR followers. *cough* really? I'm a pretty lamo blogger. :)

1. Printing
There are so many adorable centers and classroom labels that I have "wish list-ed" on Teachers Pay Teachers but every time I think about purchasing them I can't imagine where or how I'm going to print them without spending major moola on ink! People use so many beautiful borders and graphics in their centers and all I can see is $$ from the amount of ink I'm going to go through. So, is that what people do? Just bite the bullet and press print knowing full well that you'll need to pick up a new ink cartridge on the way home tomorrow? I have a wireless HP Photosmart printer/scanner guy. I got it for free when I purchased my MAC 2 years ago. It prints well but I seem to go through ink like nuts! And it always runs out at the most inopportune times... like half way through a job! ;\ So anyone have any suggestions? What I would really love is if there was a reasonably priced service I could send my jobs to and they would be printed off on card-stock and sent to me. Wishful thinking? I know Staples will do it but they want $1 a page or something. That's crazy town. :)
2. RTi- Response to Intervention
For those of you who do this in your building how is it organized? How do you service your Tier 3, or most needy kids?? Are you, alone, responsible for instruction intervention, and progress monitoring? I need to get a better handle on this for next September.

Okay, that's it for this evening. I'm hoping someone out there well answer me. :)


  1. Do you have a machine at school that prints out colored copies? We are allotted an amount for colored, so I use up my portion pretty quickly. I still use my printer at home to print out some things too.

  2. I am jealous Rachel! We only can print color on our own time and money! Plus our copy paper comes out of our BIG $182 budget!!!

  3. I'm lucky to be at a school that lets us make color prints for free. But when I'm at home, I use my printer. It's a Kodak, and it turns out that the combo pack of black and color ink is only $30. So I budget $60 for myself a month to just go crazy with the printing. During the teacher appreciation sale I think I got a good five hundred pages with those two ink cartridges. It's not an expensive printer either...


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