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I have more technology in my classroom than I could have ever dreamed. First my beloved smartboard, then my 4 iPads, and now I've got two desk-top computers. Wow! To go from nothing to this has been awesome. But now, how to manage it all? I developed some posters and visual cues to help my little ones with the proper procedures for handling and working with technology. I thought I'd share it with the TpT world. Here are some snapshots of what's included in the packet.
I put these posters up at each center to remind my students of the procedures. 

In my classroom I have individual cassette players at my listening center. I got them from Donors Choose years ago and they are so cute! However, they are starting to eat my tapes and, for some reason, SOME of my kids this year don't get how to work them! I made these little "tags" to tape to the trays I store them in as reminders of what NOT to do.
They were causing me such problems I vented a little bit on Facebook. To my surprise, a friend of mine commented on the post- "6 Diskmans have been ordered for you. I'll let you know when they come in." I nearly fell on the floor. This particular friend has been BEYOND generous with me and my class in the past but this was just too much. I'm so excited to start using CDs instead of cassettes. I think my kids will understand them much better, no rewinding, no flipping the tape over, etc. Anyways, I made these labels for my soon-to-be Diskmans.
The packet also includes cards for storing student passwords and login IDs. Word to the wise, when writing the information on the cards (which I keep stored on a hook on the computer- see above photo) be sure to write in all caps. I made the mistake of writing in lowercase letters and some of my struggling readers had a tough time finding the letters on the keyboard which, of course, is in all capital letters. *new to technology teacher fail*
I also included some little visual icons to attatch to the monitors. I like the kids to close out of whatever program they are using and turn the monitor off when they are finished. Visual cues are a must for my group. I could not, for the life of me, get a good picture of them. I hope you get the idea.
 Last but not least, there is a poster with all the icons found on my desktop that my students are allowed to click. Like I said, visuals are a must with my group. I didn't know how to make this user friendly for all. I mean, not everyone uses the same programs. So, I included mine and a BLANK copy. My original thought was, if you planned to buy the packet, you could simply print out the icons you use and glue them to the desktop poster. But, then I got thinking. Some people buy things on TpT because they don't know HOW to do things like that on their computers. Soooooooo....I'm going to give this new idea a try. 

Custom Computer Desktop Poster
Here's how to get yours:
#1 Become a follower of my blog. :)
#2 Purchase my Managing Technology packet from TpT
#3 Email me the sites that you would like on your poster. Please be as specific as possible. I will use the image that comes up when I google the site unless you specify a particular icon.
#4 Be patient with me. Give me at least a week long turn around. 

I'm going to do this on a trial basis. If it becomes too much and takes away from my mothering duties I'll have to stop. BUT- I've only got 14 followers, I'm no Deanna Jump in the TpT world, and I REALLY enjoy making things for other people, so I think it'll work out!

The email address is:

Here is a copy of the poster I use, as a freebie!
 I leave you tonight with two things that made me happy this week.
We made these crazy pumpkins today. I borrowed the idea from a pin I found on pinterest, duh! They make me laugh every time I see them!
(2 of my kids do not celebrate Halloween- hence the pumpkins without faces and the sign that says "pumpkins" not Jack-o-lanterns.)
I took my "Bubba" to a local apple farm and a friend took this picture of us running. It makes my heart melt every time. He'll be 22 months next week and I just can't believe it. What a joy he is! 

Thanks for reading!

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