Organizing Frenzy!!

A few weeks ago I came home and randomly blabbed on my Facebook page about my cassette players. Years ago I got them from Donor's Choose, and while I loved them, they were always a classroom management issue. Before I began implementing Daily 5 they were not in daily use in my classroom so it wasn't THAT big a deal. But now that they are in use every day, and one of the most popular centers, I was having more and more problems. Tapes were being eaten, kids just weren't understanding how to rewind, put tapes in, etc... Anyways, I vented on Facebook and a dear friend of mine surprised me buy purchasing 6 CD Diskmans right there, on the spot. They arrived last Sunday and my goodness, what a change!
Not only are they so much easier to use but I also found the perfect storage solution for them!! I LOVE a good, useful, and labeled container like none other. I honestly think I may have a touch of OCD. From the moment it popped into my head I could think of nothing else. A friend of mine had recently purchased these Sterilite containers for her classroom. I had coveted them for quite a while. They are the perfect size for pretty much anything. I spent most of Sunday night dreaming about stopping by Walmart on my way to work the next morning.
 LOOK!!!! How perfect, right? The book, CD player, and response sheet fit perfectly. (I don't have any books on CD but the library has a TON. I was so happy! I love it when I don't have to spend a fortune. Now I can take my time and purchase books on CD a few at a time. AND spend my money on plastic containers. sheesh! ;/)

They look awesome stacked and with a super cute label. I'm a SUCKER for a label.Click the picture below to get yours, FREE!

And, last but not least, they also fit perfectly on my leveled library book shelf. *sigh* They make me so happy.
You would think this would be the end but I was so pleased with how they worked for my listening centers that I had to run out again, early in the morning, before school, and this time I bought Walmart OUT of these. See the picture below and it should become clear why.
^^^^This WAS my math center shelf!! UNACCEPTABLE!!^^^^
Honestly, I don't know how I lived with that clutter for 30+ days. After a little makeover using my new, favorite containers, this was the end result.
 Doesn't that just make you feel happy and calm all over? Or, am I the only weirdo?
Click the picture(s) below to download the math center labels and M.A.T.H. Routine cards I posted about here.

Organizing, I love it. Probably #3 on the list of reasons why I became a teacher.  

I hope you enjoyed the freebies. There are more to come so be sure to follow me. :)

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  1. Omg my listening center and I are in a constant battle. The kids and I love it too much to get rid of it though. I love the idea of those smaller headphones, AND individual cd players! Walmart storage is the reason I put myself on a monthly budget!!


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