Getting Ready for the Sale

Hi, friends!  I'm so excited for the TpT sale tomorrow. I've been stocking up my wish list and I'd love to share with you a few things I NEED to have.
I HAVE to have these. As you know, we use Engage NY math modules for our curriculum and Shanon Juneau has made Powerpoints for each lesson. I was making my own but um, holy time consuming! Why reinvent the wheel?! These are done, cute, and reasonably priced. Add the HEROS discount and I can't pass them up!
Whimsy Clips!! Don't you love this clip art?! I have such an obsession. I love how cute the kids are and I love the bright, engaging, illustrations! I have to have this KN Words set for my new Easy Peasy Centers. Can't wait. I may or may not have my eye on a couple more sets. Check her out!
This unit was just posted tonight and caught my eye. So cute. We teach shapes in our next module and let me just say, the fun is seriously lacking. I think this unit could help me spice it up a bit. Well done, Jessica Travis (from Wild About Firsties)

Be sure to check back tomorrow and see what else I purchased. I tend to be quite the impulsive buyer! 

I've been quite the busy bee lately and I am super excited about a few new products. My printer is a real piece of junk and has been giving me such trouble. It runs out of ink all.the.time. The printing quality is never consistent. It loses its connection to my computer daily. I know it's time for another but it just got me thinking. Printing out centers, cutting out pieces, organizing them for future use... It can all just get to be too much. So, I came up with Easy Peasy Centers. They come in two versions- color and black and white.  The pieces have bold, straight lines that are easy to cut. I hope that they will save teachers lots of ink and lots of time while still providing students with quick, relevant, and engaging phonics and spelling practice. Check them out and follow my store, there will be many more Easy Peasy Centers to come. 
Easy print, cut, and do phonics centers. Make great word work centers, word wall/focus wall displays, and small group instruction activities. Easy Peasy!

Easy Peasy Phonics Centers now cover 6 different phonics topics

I've also been working hard to catch-up on all of my Core Knowledge Companion Units. Some of my students just finished up Unit 3 and I thought I'd share some photos of my Mini-Wheats working hard during GRAIR/Centers time.
 My students love the extra practice the GRAIR packets and Skills Centers provide. If you use Core Knowledge Skills Units you know that sounds and spellings are introduced one day and then the curriculum moves on to the next sound or spelling. There are very few opportunities for students to practice or master these skills. Again, it's almost as if the 'people' who wrote this curriculum have never met a six year-old, let alone taught one. I'm pleased to say, that after using activities from my units, I've seen big improvements in my students.
Pictured above are Fluency strips for all of the 'phrases and sentences' taught in Unit 3. My Mini-Wheats love to set a sand timer and challenge themselves or a partner to read all three weeks of words. Instant engagement, instant fluency practice, makes for one happy teacher.
Unit 5 is my latest addition. 
Last in my new product line up are Data Wall Clip Charts. These deserve a post of their own because I know there will be many questions. How are they used? What are they for? I promise I will get to that. But for now, those of you who are familiar with data walls, and are required or encouraged to display them, know how time consuming they can be. My colleagues and I came up with these very simple, yet effective Data Wall Clip Charts. Simply print, cut, laminate and go! I hope they will save you time and energy while also providing with useful data, student motivation, and positive notes from your administrators.

I will work on a post describing the use of these charts and the research they are based on. I promise! For now it is late and I have lots of shopping to do in the morning before work! Happy shopping every one. 
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. For those of you who have read my previous posts- clean eating is going well. I'm on Day 2 and I WANT A COOKIE! Instead, I blog. Sigh. :)

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