Two Truths and a Lie- THE LIE!

I have 8 days of school left!!!!! 8 days until I can be home with my boys all summer long!! WOO HOO!! Sorry, side tracked...

In my last post I linked up for
I told y'all 3 things about myself and one of them was a lie. 
TRUE! My real name is Elsa. I've been an Elsa for 36 years- That's 34 years longer than that Disney girl. So, I am claiming full princess rights on this one. Seriously though, this movie has changed my life. No longer do I have to explain to people that Elsa is a real name. 
I know, I know, the resemblance is uncanny. hahahahaha!!!
True. Two Sunday's ago I went to bed early thinking I had a side cramp or muscle pull. 20 minutes later I was on my way to the emergency room. Turns outI passed a kidney stone. Gross, I know. I've never had pain like that before. I had two scheduled c-sections so I've never experienced labor. People I talk to say passing a kidney stone is very comparable. Yikes. 
Luckily for me it was all over in about 2 hours. By the time they came to give me the morphine I was already much better. Phew. Definitely one of the weirder experiences of my life.

LIE! I am in pure survival mode as my school year winds down. Case in point? This post is 3 days late and I have SEVEN unfinished projects. AHHHHH!! Doesn't help that my family has been insanely sick these past 2 weeks. It's been miserable. We've also had some crazy weekend plans, garage sale, a tree down in our front yard, car troubles, and a 1st birthday party to plan! EEEK, too much! 8 more school days and I'll be much more relaxed and better able to focus on all the exciting things I have in the works...I hope you'll bear with me and stay tuned...
Thanks for stopping by!

Oh! And here is the Freebie I teased last time!
I've been buying these Dollar Store Water Blasters for my kids for the past three years. I work in an urban/low income setting and many of my kids don't have air conditioning or a lot of summer fun options. These water blasters are super fun and can hold a LOT of water. My son LOVES them. Right now I have them sitting on the front shelf of my classroom as a bribe...I mean, reminder! They're a REMINDER to keep it together these next 8 days. Because, you know, my son, would tally be able to find a use for 22 water blasters if he needed to! Hahahhaa!! Click Here to download free tags!


  1. I love those water shooters! Thanks for sharing such cute tags! Hang in there. It will be over in a flash! I can't believe you go so long into the summer!

  2. That's funny! My name was Rachel Greene before I got married, I was the rachel way before friends!


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