Pumpkin Math!

I hope you didn't just fall out of your chair. Yes, it's me. I blogged twice in one week. WHAT?! I'm just so excited about these Pumpkin Math Centers. My Mini-Wheats have been LOVING them.
We've been hard at work practicing our simple addition skills with sums to 10. A strong foundation in these simple addition problems is crucial for our upcoming units in subtraction and addition to 20 and above. Many of my kids do well with addition but I created these centers so that they would practice, practice, practice. I want them to know their facts forward and backwards and be so comfortable with the strategies, that when I introduce more difficult concepts, they'll have the confidence they need to tackle them.
Counting on is one of the first strategies I teach every year. It's the one I want my mini-wheats to become so comfortable with that it is automatic. However, I teach them that they can only use this strategy when adding 1, 2, or 3. I teach it in a variety of ways, drawing dots, counters, number lines, etc. This center has kids practicing finding the greater number and then using the pumpkins in the wagon to count on. My kids love it and they've even started timing each other to see who can complete all of them the quickest. *You'll see why in a minute* :)
This counting on work mat is something I use in my Guided Math Groups however, it could also be a center. I have kiddos who need a little more practice with this strategy and candy pumpkins keep my little mini-wheats thoroughly engaged. :) Included in this unit you will find printable counters or you can use any classroom item you might have. 

This is by far my kiddos favorite center. It comes with number sentence cards for sums 6-10. The students work in partners to sort the cards onto the mat as quick as they can while their partner times them. We use the stop watch feature on our iPads but a sand timer, stopwatch, or simple analogue clock with a second hand will do. Timing each other has become an obsession after I introduced this game. I may have created some competitive monsters- all in good fun, of course.
True Number Sentences are another concept we've been working on. Kiddos need to have a real solid understanding of addition to be able to sort these fact cards so I was sure to provide them with a ten-frame tray and some plastic spiders as a visual. And yes, they can time each other for this one too! LOL.
The last center included in this pack has more practice with true number sentences. These puzzles can be put together so they are true or false. You could even use these as an assessment piece. Teacher Tip: You may want to limit the amount of number sentence pieces you give your students, depending on their skill and/or organizational level.

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Next up- I hope to blog about my new writing unit: Personal Narratives. You can click the picture to see more and find it on sale!

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