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I'm baaaaaaaack. Yikes, sorry 'bout that. My career life took a 180 degree turn this past August. I was
hired by my dream school 2 weeks before school began and I honestly have not sat down since. It's been a whirlwind but I am so happy. I have lots to say about landing your dream job and making the leap but that's for another post...

Before school began I knew I wanted to re-do my classroom in a rainbow theme. (Little did I know I would be packing and moving 14 years worth of crap to a new building!) I also had a goal to re-vamp one of my most popular products- my Sight Word Study Guides. What started as a update became a completely new program- Rainbow Words.

I wanted a really systematic and easy approach to sight word instruction. This product was born of this need and also my need to have a fun way to track students data and monitor progress.

I used the words for the Dolch Pre-Primer-First grade words. There are 21 weeks of study and each week has 8 words. List and Learn includes 4 groups of words- Read List, Orange List, Yellow List, and Green List. Each list is available in full page size and mini-list size, perfect for binder rings or take home. Data is tracked by marking the unknown words on the lists and progress is tracked with the rainbow posters. Students will color in each stripe on the rainbow as they master each list of words. 

 The Study and Learn pack includes all you will need for students to practice each week of words. Over the course of the week they will WRITE, USE, FIND, and READ the 8 words using a variety of different activities. These sheets are great for small group, independent work, centers, or homework. You can decide what works best for you depending one the ability level of your students. 

Sight words can be tricky for many children and I also wanted to have a built in resource for those kids who needed extra support, more practice, and some hands-on activities. Rainbow Words Mini-Books offer just that. Each week of study also has a matching mini book. These are great for small groups or classroom volunteers. 

Each of these units can be purchased separately or you can find the bundle here. I'm so glad you stopped in. I hope you found something useful. I'd love to read your comments. 

You can also find two new freebies in my store- perfect of all the incoming Fall Fun!

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