Secret Snowflake and Freebies!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"
Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. It's also my favorite time to teach my students one of the most important lessons in life- How to be kind without expecting anything in return. There's just something about the magic of the season that inspires kindness. I strive to teach my students to carry that feeling with them all year long.

The Secret Snowflake Club was inspired by a game we used to play at my old school. Teachers would buy a small gift and leave it on the "doorstep" of another teacher's room. If you received a gift you then had to buy a gift for someone else. Before long everyone had received a fun little gift and you never knew who it was from. Some folks call this being "elfed". I've even heard of some neighborhoods doing it with decorations. I made this fun little pack called The Secret Snowflake Club  to help carry on the tradition.

I was excited to bring this little tradition to my new school. You can find everything you'll need to start your own Secret Snowflake Club here. My students have been loving our secret missions. I wasn't sure they could handle keeping the secret but one of my little boys said to me yesterday, "My friend was telling me about the surprise treat someone left for his class and I was so excited, Mrs. Wheat! But you'd be proud, I just smiled and said, 'Wow, that's really cool!'"

But, the most exciting thing we've seen since we started "snowing" on classes is that it's starting to spread! We walked past a class that had a snowflake and a gift bag outside it and WE DIDN'T do it. My kids about lost their minds and in that moment it was clear, they got it!
Today I showed them this video:

It's a great example of the mission of the Secret Snowflake Club- to do good without recognition or immediate reward.
With all that is going on in this world I realize that the job of teachers could not be more important. Of course we educate the brain but we also shape the heart. I'm afraid to say that there isn't much hope for some of the adults of this world but I have made it my mission to constantly encourage kind, thoughtful, accepting, and empathetic behaviors in my own classroom with the hopes that it will carry over. Be the change, ya know?
In the spirit of giving and kindness I have a couple of new freebies in my store...

I whipped up this Letter to Santa for my students and thought others might enjoy it, too. I'm in love with that Santa head!

These Holiday Grouping Cards were inspired by my lazy need to stop picking partners for my students and to avoid the drama of allowing them to pick partners on their own. Sometimes you just have a quick activity to complete, ya know? Well, now my kids BEG to use these. Simply print, cut, and pass out the cards. Students need to find their match and whamo, that's your partner. 

Lastly, I've been hard at work at getting all my "gifts" together. This year I've put together an easy but totally adorable gift for all those "I just don't know what to get for ..." people. 
I spotted those adorable little spatulas at Target. Squeal! Tied together with some cookie mix and a cute tag, they make the perfect anytime, any person gift. Think bus drivers, room mom, neighbor, secretary, TA, "person who gave you a gift and you didn't buy them anything"... lol.
You can find all the gift tags pictured by clicking below to download.


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