Snow Globe Ornaments

For parent gifts this year I wanted to go ALL out. I'm so thankful for my students' families and all the support they've given me. I saw these snow globe ornaments on Pinterest. I wish I could give credit but it was to a dead link! (If you know where the original idea came from I'd love to give a shout out!)
Anyways, I'm so stinkin' THRILLED with how they came out!!

The hardest part of this ornament was getting the fake snow in the bottom. Oye, worse than glitter! I kid you not, I got a piece in my eyeball and I thought I was going to lose my cornea! This is not a project to do with kids. Don't even think about it. BUT, it was simple and man they're cute!
All you need are plastic globe ornaments, I got mine at Michael's for super cheap with my teacher discount. :) You'll also need a bag of "fake snow". I got mine on Amazon but you can find it anywhere and you can use a variety of different things! Ripped up paper could work, especially if you want to avoid the whole "torn cornea" issue! LOL 
I used a funnel to get the fake snow in my globes.
Next you'll need pictures of your kids. I took mine right in the classroom. I called them over one at a time and asked them to throw their hands in the air, free, and give me and excited face. I used one hour photo and snipped around their heads and arms. From there, all you have to do is stuff them in and add some ribbon and a tag. You can grab my tags for FREE by clicking the picture above!
Wa-La! Super Adorable Christmas Ornaments- Achieved!

For more Christmas ideas and holiday tags you may want to read this post
Have a great last few days of school! Enjoy your holiday!


  1. Love your site! The snow globes really turned out great! Happy Holidays!

  2. Your snow globes are adorable. Thanks for sharing the tags and making them for second grade. What size are the ornaments?

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