Genre Study

For the past month the Mini-Wheats have been working on a Genre Study. Our curriculum requires students to identify and explain Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction. Many of the resources I found were either for upper grade levels or too dry for my fun loving firsties, thus, my Genre Study Unit was born.
Included is everything you'll need for a unit on the 4 main genres all primary students should be exposed to.
I began our unit with read-alouds and our Genre Study Notebook. Each page in the notebook has an organizer for each genre. You could use these in small groups or whole group.
I made your planning easy by offering some book suggestions. Obviously you do not need to use these titles but I found them to be best for my little ones because the elements for each genre are so clearly represented.

After we completed our Read-Alouds and Genre Study Journals we did some Genre Sorting and practiced Identifying Genres in small groups. 
In the Genre Sort, groups of students sort genre elements on to the correct posters. My students loved this activity so much that it has now become a center during our ELA rotations. I had planned on hanging the posters up. Guess not! :)
For Identifying Genres I gave each group of students a book bin containing 4 books of varying genres. They were allowed to use their Genre Study Notebooks as reference. Each group also had 4 book marks. The groups needed to look at and discuss each book and then mark it with the correct genre book mark. I love any activity that encourages my students to discuss and support opinions using vocabulary and information I've front loaded for them. As I walked around the room and saw my students huddled together, reading the selections, opening their journals to re-read what they'd written, and passionately persuading other group members I was so proud. 
The final piece to this unit is a cut and paste assessment that tests students' understanding of the elements included in each genre. 
Our Genre Study coincided with our Opinion Writing Unit. I coupled the two units and challenged my students to write a book review using what they had learned about Genres and supporting opinions in both units. Below you can download the freebie graphic organizer my students used. It could also be used a book log to further support your ELA block.
I hope your students enjoy studying Genres as much as mine did! You can check out the full unit below:
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