A Sweet Mother's Day Gift She Will Treasure

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays to recognize with my Mini-Wheats. Little ones LOVE making crafts and celebrating their mommas. This is a SUPER sweet activity that is sure to be something she'll treasure. Oh, and it's easy! BONUS.

Mother's Day First Aid Kit

 One of my goals when planning a craft is to keep prep work to a minimum. This kit includes everything you need with the option of purchasing some easy store-bought items to include.

Inside the MOTHER'S DAY FIRST AID KIT you'll find an easy-cut print-and-fold box template, an easy-cut poem book (in color or B&W), and 2 styles of writing paper.
Mother's Day Project

The poet book and students written note will fit perfectly within the first aid kit box. You may wish to include some simple store bought items that go along with the poem book:
Hershey's Kisses and Hugs, bandages, buttons, erasers (I used cap eraser I already had laying around), tea bags, tissues, and a traced or stamped image of the child's hand.
Mother's Day Project
Mother's Day First Aid Kit

After students have made their box and label the students can put together their mini-poem book. While they're coloring and cutting I have students come up in small groups to fill their kits with the store-bought trinkets.

Next we discuss the note we should write to our mothers (or special ladies). Most young students struggle to write more than " I love you" or "Thank you".

I like to engage my kiddos in a conversation about all the things their special lady does for them on a daily basis. Things they may not have thought about before, like a reading a book before bed, home-cooked meals, laundry, attending school/sporting events, helping with homework, etc. We talk about how our caregivers sometimes do really special things that go unnoticed and how SPECIAL it makes someone feel when you recognize those good deeds. The notes my sweeties wrote are sure to make their recipients cry!
Mother's Day First Aid Kit

Mother's Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate but it can also be challenging depending upon the family make-up and background of your students. I've included lots of option so that any student can participate in this activity and make something special for an important lady in his/her life. I hope you and your students will enjoy it as much as mine did. My kiddos can't wait to take their kits home and MAKE THOSE MOMMAS CRY!
You can find this activity and my Mother's Day Mobile project in my TpT shop.

Mother's Day First Aid Kit

Mother's Day in the classroom

Mother's Day in the Classroom

Mother's Day in the Classroom


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